Tradi-smart grains

Tradi-smart grains are healthy food grains ideally designed to fit our genetic makeup. Tradi-smart grains are those nourished our ancesters throughout prehistory and history prior

Traditional Rice

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In Indian philosophy the physical body is called " Annamayakosha" means food body, because body nourished and grows by absorbing the energies from food. A good food system fills the body cells with all nutrition needed and protects & manages the diseases to lead a " healthy-wealthy" life. In recent globalisation years, changing food pattern can damage the good health of the society. So it is vital to know the importance of balanced diet. The smart healthy food way is using " Traditional food grains" in every home to make a ' home of natural protection'.
zeevaTara ( core of life) the name of excellence in the field of native and natural food grains from Theni. A unique manufacturer and wholeseller of traditional speciality health grains of natural small millet , pure organic Bamboo rice and traditional rice varieties with top quality to enjoy better , safer life style.

Revival of traditional foods

  • Rediscovering the traditional food grains and heritage products , a treasure for humanity to revolutionize the health system.
  • To explore the long forgotten group of ancient health food products with their uses and cooking methods.
  • To reveal the health benefits of native & natural health food grains from ancient usage system and latest scientific research reports.

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Our Mission

  • To re-energize the traditional food system that was so strong and healthy.
  • To re-serve that traditional food system to a new generation and a awaiting world.

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kavuni Rice

Organic Kavuni Red,Black Rice. Kavuni rice is a rare rice variety, which is very good for health. It contains anthocyanin which is a good antioxidant. Found in dark blue,   ....